frame fitting, adjustments and repairs

How confident are you at assessing the fit of a frame, adjusting a patient’s frame when in front of them or carrying out common frame repairs?  Gain confidence in all of these tasks by attending this one-day workshop.

The day covers both the theory of frames, materials and fitting, completmented with hands-on practical sessions to hone the skills and confidence to perform adjustments, whether during the collection process or if they have returned to practice later.

You will learn about frame constuction, the different materials used to manufacture frames and teh key properties that need to be understood to adjust the material properly.  There will be sessions on BEST fitting to allow you to thoroughly assess the fit on any frame in a systematic manner; as well as the opportunity to carry out several different frame repairs, such as;

  • rethread a supra frame
  • plug a rimless mount
  • shorten a side
  • straightening a bent frame

Available dates

Please note that due to COVID-19 we are not currently running any face to face workshops.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the correct terminology for parts of a spectacle frame
  • Be able to identify and name the optical repair tools
  • Identify and understand the properties of different frame materials
  • Be able to assess the fit of a frame in a systematic manner
  • Be able to carry out common spectacle repairs
  • Peform adjustments to improve the fitting of a frame
  • Be able to handle frames and tools correctly during adjustment
  • Be able to provide spectacle care advice to patients on collection of their spectacles

Who should attend?

The workshop is suitable for all members of your practice, from receptionists, optical/dispensing assistants, HES department support staff, new members of staff, exisitng staff who want to learn new skills or would like a refresher, Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians.

What is included?

Your investment includes a workshop booklet which is completed during the day and covers all aspects of the workshop, lunch, refreshements and all the necessary support materials are also provided.

What is the cost?

There is discount offered if you are a SightCare member:

SightCare members:  £235.00 plus VAT

Non SightCare members:  £300.00 plus VAT

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This workshop is offered in partnership with Sight Care.