Suitable for everyone in optics, from receptionists to Dispensing Opticians. Improve your skills with one of our popular series of online sessions.

Each series comprises of four sessions, delivered one a week, so it is easy to fit in training around work and no need to travel.

These are delivered in partnership with SightCare, who handle the bookings and payment 

See below for the current sessions we have available.

Welcome to the World of Optics

Ideal for anyone who is a recent newcomer to the world of optics. During these sessions, we will cover the essential knowledge that new members of the team need to be able to understand their new role and feel more confident in answering common patient questions. This is an excellent introduction to the profession and will equip learners with knowledge that is expanded on in the other series of sessions available below.

Please note that these sessions are 90 minutes long. All other sessions are 60 minutes each.

The Next run will be: October 2022

Course OverviewLearning Objectives
  • Anatomy of the eye
  • Understanding Prescriptions
  • The Eye Examination
  • Introduction to spectacle lenses
  • Identify the parts of the eye
  • Describe a given prescription
  • Understand the eye exam process
  • List the features & benefits of different lenses

The World of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a major part of a successful independent optical practice, therefore everyone in the business needs to be knowledgeable and confident in talking to patients about the benefits and options available. Over the course of the four sessions, we will cover the information required to enable anyone in the practice to be able to successfully handle customer enquiries for contact lens information. Leading to better conversations and recommendations, as well as support staff being better able to handle the common questions that potential wearers might have.

The Next run will be: November 2022

Course OverviewLearning Objectives
  • Contact Lens Types and Benefits
  • The Contact Lens Journey (Assessment, Teach and Aftercare)
  • Contact Lens Care and Solutions
  • Presbyopia, Astigmatism and More
  • Understand the benefits of contact lenses
  • Describe the different types of contact lenses
  • Explain the different modalities/replacement frequencies to customers
  • Understand the contact lens assessment process

The World of Presbyopia

Everyone will become presbyopic, but what is presbyopia, and what causes it? 

Over the course of these four sessions, we will review what happens to the eye as we age and look at the wide range of options available to correct it. This includes sessions on spectacle lenses, contact lens options, and refractive surgery. 

The Next run will be: October 2022


Course OverviewLearning Objectives
  • The Aging Eye
  • Understanding Multifocal Lenses
  • Contact Lenses for Presbyopia
  • Surgical options
  • Explain presbyopia to patients
  • Understand the range of spectacle lens options
  • Explain multifocal contact lenses
  • Consider the surgical options

More topics coming in 2023 …

 –  The World of Frames

 –  The World of Lenses

 –  The World of Pre-Screening

If you have an idea for a series of sessions then please let us know 

For each series of sessions, you will receive a CPD certificate of completion which you can keep as part of your development plan. 

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£160 per person for non-members of SightCare

£80 per person for SightCare members

These workshops are offered in partnership with Sight Care