glazing workshop application form

The next Glazing for beginners workshop will be help on Saturday 19 October 2019 at Tant Laboratories, Bishop Stortford.  This one-day workshop will teach you about all the steps in the glazing process and will give you hands-on practice at all steps of the glazing process, from tracing through to final inspection for dispatch.

The practical sessions will cover:

  • Glazing plastics frames
  • Glazing metal frames
  • springing in and fitting up lenses
  • hand edging
  • order checking & quality control.
The workshop carries * CET points, and the cost is £180.  To secure your place on the course please complete the application form below.  

Please complete the following

  • I/We are responsible for payment of all fees due on the receipt of the invoice in respect of the student named on this form and undertake to inform you of any changes to this agreement. I/We understand that I/we are fully responsible for the payment of fees due in all circumstances including termination of employment or cancellation of the course.