Free Training Webinars

Below you will find a selection of webinars that you can access for free.

These were produced in association with SightCare in 2020 and link to the content delivered as part of our qualifications for optical assistants

An Introduction to Low Vision

In this webinar, our Director of Training, Anthony Blackman looks at the wide range of low vision aids (LVAs) available, including their features and benefits to visually impaired patients.

It covers:

–  a range of LVAs

–  discussion of their features, advantages and limitations

–  the advice to give to patients


An OA Guide to Contact Lenses

This webinar covers the basics of contact lenses

It will boost staff confidence in handling enquires from customers and dealing with some of the common questions they have.

It covers: 

–  the advantages of contact lenses

–  types and modalities

–  contact lens care

–  common questions

Reading Body Language

This webinar takes you on a journey to discover the elements of body language so that you can learn to read other people’s body language.

It covers:

–  the importance of posture

–  the importance of eye contact and facial features

–  how different parts of the body display signals

–  the concept of zones of personal space 


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 –  Short-courses – the Insight Academy

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These webinars are offered for free in partnership with Sight Care