how our courses are delivered

At Insight Optical Training we want you to get as much as possible from the course material, not only to help you achieve the qualification but also to help you in your day-to-day work and give you more confidence.  The course is an online interactive platform, but we put you at the centre of your own learning.  You can take it at your pace, although we give you a recommended timetable we understand that work or family commitments get in the way.

My Insight Optical Training Account (MyIOTA) is the main area for coursework, quizzes and assignments that will be the main part of your course.  You will receive a login for this once you have enrolled and you will be able to access this almost straight away.  Here you will find all the courses you have been enrolled for. They are broken down into their individual units.  MyIOTA is your own online account with everything you need to study at your fingertips.

Once you enter a unit, it is broken into easy to understand chunks by topic.  Each topic will be presented to you in a video presentation which you can watch and listen to whilst commuting to work, or even in the bath!  To make the most out of the course you will also be sent the printed course manual for each unit, which you will need to work through whilst watching the presentation. You may need to complete a workplace task or find some information, and the course manual will have extra guidelines and hints for you.

Within a few days of enrolling you will be contacted by your tutor who will introduce themselves and give you the details on how to contact them should you have any difficulty with the course.

At the end of each topic, there will be a self-marking online quiz to check you have understood the material you have just seen and read.  Don’t worry too much about this, it is not part of your overall course result and has no effect on your examination result, it is just for you and the tutor to make sure you are picking up the information.  You will be able to have as many goes at this as you like. If you don’t pass, you will be directed back to the specific part of the topic to read again.  Your tutor can also help if there is a part you are struggling with and can direct you to further resources that may help.

Once you reach the end of the unit, there will be an assignment for you to complete online.  This will cover all the material from the unit and will be a mixture of questions such as multiple choice, picture, short answers, or longer essay style answers.  This assignment will be marked by your tutor and they will provide you with extensive feedback.  Your score is recorded on your profile for you and your employer to see how you are getting on.  You won’t need to re-do any assignments but do use the feedback to help you with any areas you may have struggled on.

Once you have completed all the units, you may be thinking of the examination, and we want to help you with this as much as we can.  There will be a revision section, which will summarise all you have learnt in each topic, and you will receive a handy revision guide which is flashcard size so easy to fit in your pocket or bag and will give you a quick and easy reference to the important material you need to remember.

There will be practice examinations for you to try, and your tutor will mark these for you.  And don’t forget you can always go back over the topic and try the quizzes again if you need to.  Your tutor will always be on hand to help if you need further revision.  We hope by this stage you will be ready to book the examination and approach it with confidence and get a pass first time.