Suitable for everyone in optics, from receptionist to Optometrist. Improve your skills with one of our popular one-day workshops. For those who wish to gain further understanding to enhance the learning experience, there is an accompanying module available as part of our Optical Support Training package.

Glazing for Beginners

Ever wanted to glaze a pair of spectacles? This one-day workshop will teach you about all the steps in the glazing process and will give you hands-on practice at all steps of the glazing process, from tracing through to final inspection for dispatch.

The practical sessions will cover:

  • Glazing plastics frames
  • Glazing metal frames
  • springing in and fitting up lenses
  • hand edging
  • order checking & quality control.

Optical Screening with Confidence

Become a pre-screening pro with this one-day workshop. Delivered with a mix of theory and practical hands-on sessions so that you can obtain the best results in practise.

The workshop will cover

  • non-contact tonometry (NCT)
  • auto-refraction & auto-keratometry
  • visual field testing
  • retinal photography
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Frame Fitting, Adjustment and Repair

Be an expert frame fitter and obtain the perfect fit for any frame, as well as adjusting frames properly and undertaking common spectacle repairs. This is a very hand on workshop covering a number of useful skills including:

  • Frame measurements and adjusting
  • Different frame materials
  • Shortening metal sides
  • Replacing a supra plugs
  • Assembly of rimless spectacles
  • The tools needed for properly adjusting frames

For each workshop you will receive a certificate of attendance & completion which you can keep as part of your development plan. CET and CPD is available for some workshop sessions for those on the GOC register.


Workshops are held at venues around the UK and are based on the need of the learners.  Each workshop is £180 and we offer discounts for group bookings.  You will also get a discount if you sign up for the training module.  Contact us for further details.

If you are interested in any of the above workshops please complete the form by following the link below and we will be in touch with a date and location.